How I Get My News

If every newsroom closed its doors for good tomorrow morning, what would you do?

I personally would not be to upset. For the most part I receive my news from what I find on the Internet.
I do occasionally flip on the TV to the nightly news but usually it’s only when I’m doing homework. The only reason I usually even put it on the news channel is because I only receive five channels and it’s the only thing on besides infomercials.
Newspapers I rarely look at. The only paper I ever read is the O’Colly and to be honest I generally skim the pictures and read my horoscope.
Most of my news I find from the internet. I open up my web browser to the MSN homepage. If there headline stories interest me I will click on them and usually skim the article. If there is a topic that really gets my attention I will go to Google and type it in and find some searches that look good. Most of the time the searches lead me to blogs or personal Web sites that provided as much information if not more that I would find on TV or in newspapers. Something else that I like in the internet news over TV or Newspapers is the span of pictures. I would rather look threw 50 pictures of one event than to sit and read a whole article on it.


New Blogging Starting

In class Tuesday we were told that our blogging assignment is being changed.  We are now blogging about any aspect of social media.  I figured I would start with the most popular types of Web sites for social media.

As of January 2009 the top 5 are:

5. currently has 42,744,438 logins per month.

4. currently has 53,389,974 logins per month.

3. currently has 54,218,731 logins per month.

2. currently has 810,153,536 logins per month.

1. currently has 1,191,373,339 logins per month.

I am personally a user of facebook and twitter.  I have a linkedin account however I must say I have not logged into it since I created the account.  I am really starting to enjoy twitter.  I used to be a just a facebook user but with all these updates and changes I am being to like facebook less and less. 

What is your favorite social media site and why?

2009 Artist to Keep an Eye Open For

According to MSN the 11 artists to keep track of in 2009 are:

Andrew Bird: He is not only a singer-songwriter guitar player he is a singer-songwriter with guitar, violin, theremin, and a warbling whistle all under his belt.  Song: “Fiery Crash”

Keri Hilson: She originally opened for lil Wayne on the Am music tour, but she has been around for much longer than that.  She was originally a songwriter for Britney Spears, Usher and Ciara.  Song: “Energy”

The Avett Brothers: Brothers from North Carolina have been recording with Rick Ruben and are opening for Dave Mathews Band in April.  Song: “Shame”

Asher Roth: Crazy college MC who mashed humor with his suburban hip-hop.  Jay-Z and Akon have already jumped on board.  Song: “I Love College”

Ida Maria: True to her Norwegian background, Ida loves Rock ‘n’ roll and is amazing at guitar.  Song: “I Like You So Much Better When You’re Naked”

Kid Cudi: He mixes indie rock and rap, hipsterism and hip-hop to create his new sound.  He was signed by Kaney’s G.O.O.D. Music label.  Song: “Day N Nite”

Kid Sister: Signed by her boyfriend DJ A-Trak who is also Kaney’s tour DJ.  Her songs cover topics from club-funk to 9-to-5 drudgery to great manicures.   Song: “Pro Nails”

J.J. Cale: Is already a legend songwriter.  He has written “Cocaine,” “After Midnight,” “Call Me the Breeze,” and countless other unforgettable song.  He resides in Tulsa, Okla. and is releasing his 14th album this summer.   Song: “Danger”

Glasvegas: There rock ‘n’ roll sound is compared to the “West Side Story” of Scotland.  They have taken U.K. by storm, now there about to hit the U.S.  Song: “A Snowflake Fell”

B.o.B.: He is a hip-hop artist with a sound like Outcast.  He mixes the humor with sounds of hip-hop.  He has also been a MySpace phenomenon.  Song: “I’ll be in the Sky”

Bell X1: They are an Irish quartet originally writing songs for Damien Rice.  They have a sound that mimics synthesized sounds from the ’80s.  Song: “The Great Defector”

Socially Orange – Needing Some Content

In class last week we talked about our website as well as videos.

First we discussed the need to generate content on Socially Orange.  We have the site up and ready to go, but now it is just sitting there waiting to be used.  As we discussed in class it is hard to break into a new habit, and that is what Socially Orange is.  I’m sure everyone checks there facebook/e-mail/twitter at least three or four times a day, so now we need to add socially orange to that list.  Not only do we need to start to check it, we need to interact with the sites other users. 

Last week we also learned the how easy it is to make and edit videos.  We used Prof. Handy’s flip camera and recorded a short interview video.  We then put it on the computer and showed how simple it was to edit it.  We attempted to upload it to YouTube, but our classroom technology was not cooperating, so that task will be showed to us this week.

Rick Springfield can still rock

Everyone knows Rick Springfield by his famous 1981 hit Jessie’s Girl.  However, at the ago of 60 Springfield is still rockin.  His new album “Venus in Overdrive” debuted at 28 on the billboard charts.  His first single from the album What’s Victoria’s Secret resembles the meaning of Jessie’s Girl making it top the charts.

Springfield has also burst back into the soap opera scene.  He has returned to “General Hospital” as an older Dr. Noah Drake.  He said he originally left the roll to recharge his batteries and gain back some self esteem.  Now he’s ready to tackle the roll once more.

This past Friday (2-27) Springfield performed in Newkirk Oklahoma at the local casino.  I had to work and wasn’t able to go, so I gave my tickets to my mom and dad and they said he was one of the best crowd pleasers they had ever seen.  He walked out in the audience, he crowd surfed, and he even did some jumping flips on stage, proving that even though he is 60 he can still rock!

Communications Expo

Last Thursday I went to the JB expo, and it went really well.  There were not as many companies there as I was expecting but I still think I was able to make some great connections.  I talked to five or six different companies like Associated Centers for Therapy, Oklahoma Housing Finance Agency, University Marketing and News 9.  All companies I talked to seem really excited to be there and helping students in their future careers.

At the expo I talked to Beverly Moore who worked for ACT.  She told me that her company was not there looking for internets but just to network.  Well I got to talking to her and told her how I am interested in PR for oil and natural gas companies.  She has a really good friend in Tulsa who is in PR working for an oil and natural gas company and she gave me his information and is forwarding my resume onto him.  It’s amazing how networking works!

Taylor Swift

Normally I am a rock ‘n’ roll 60s, 70s, 80s sort of music girl, however, I really like Taylor Swift.  I think it’s the fact that she writes all her own music and her songs are relatable.

Of course I am not the only fan Swift has on Feb. 20 she made history with her song “Love Story” when it crossed over from a country #1 hit to a pop #1 hit.  That same day her new music video for “White Horse” debuted at #1 on CMT’s Top 20 Countdown. 

Her new video for “White Horse” is my new favorite song and video.  Unlike some of her other videos this one portrays what is happening in the song.  This song is really relatable to people because it talks about a real life situation (being cheated on) and how you can be strong and overcome it.

“White Horse” by Taylor Swift

Socially Orange is now up and running! 

Our class project is to design a place for all types of people to network.  We want students, professionals, professors, high school students and any other interested canidates to join in our discussions.  We want this network to be a place where people can post questions they have about any aspect of the JB fields, and a place they can connect and get answers as well as meeting other people interested in the same things they are.

We used Ning to create our social network.  Right now we  have the basics done.  For the time being the site is primarily directed towards the college age students.  We are brainstorming our ideas for our discussion rooms and what we think would be important information that JB students want to know. 

What suggestions do you have that you think would  be important issues to discuss on sociallyorange?

Wine and Rock ‘n’ Roll

Last summer I went to Italy to study aboard, while there I feel in love with wine. 

The other day I was surfing around on the internet and found possibly one of the neatest things I have seen in a long time it’s called Celebrity Cellars.  There wines made in honor of famous celebrities.  They have them made for the Rolling Stones, Madonna, Barbara Streisand, Kiss, Celine Dion, Pink Floyd and a few others. 

I found this very interesting I mean what could a better combination than Wine and Rock ‘n’ Roll…

Tornados and Social Media

Class on Tuesday…we started to talk about the social media site we are going to create, our Mayberry.  We talked about who we want to join and how they are connected.  We got about this far when the Stillwater sirens started going off.  We went to the basement and took cover from the tornado (or lack thereof).

Thursday we continued to discuss our Mayberry.  We brainstormed on how each group is connected.  We also talked about how we wanted the ‘rooms’ in our Mayberry to be connected.  From this point on we are taking the discussion online to brainstorm more ideas.

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